City Watch Help

HRM City Watch For Beaver Bank and Kinsac

We need to know who you are and how to contact you. When an important message goes out, you will be contacted on your home phone first. If there is no answer, you will be contacted on your secondary phone and then your cellphone. If there is still no answer, an email will be sent. We can also send a text message. Less pressing messages will be directed to your email if available rather than a phone call.

Some information is location specific. We want to inform all those that need to know but we also understand that you don’t want to be bothered by unnecessary phone calls. To try to reach a balance, we ask that you choose a location from the list (press the little arrow) that most closely represents your area. Citywatch Geographic Areas We will try to limit your messages to only that area. You will also receive all messages that are relevant to all Beaver Bank and Kinsac.

Did you ever wonder if what you joined is actually working for you. Many of us feel the same way. Our goal is to send out a city watch message about 12 times a year with just general, non-emergency information. This way, you know that the system is working. If you don’t receive these messages, you can call us at 864-6072 and we will find out why.

Remember that nothing is permanent. If you change your mind you can change your information or you may decide to remove yourself from citywatch entirely. If you like us “TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS”; If you don’t like us, please tell us so we can try to make it work better.